Tips For Effective Home Wine Storage

Undoubtedly, wine is one of life’s pleasures. And if you love the pleasures of the vine close to the comforts of home, then it makes sense to look at the possibilities of home wine storage check this out.

Proper wine storage is a critical component of the enjoyment of the Dionysian pleasures. Wine must enjoy the right conditions before it is opened so that its flavors can be savored just as the maker intended. In turn, you will not feel shortchanged by an inferior wine experience that life is too short to put up with.

Choosing the Type of Storage

Purchase wine racks for the home since these are the most effective, efficient and attractive way to achieve the purpose. Wine coolers are all well and good until you realize the amount of work necessarily to install it and the amount of money to maintain it. Then again, if you believe that a wine fridge is necessary for certain types of wine, then go ahead.

Wine racks can be placed anywhere just as long the place is cool, dark and still, as discussed later. Your choices in home wine storage include wooden and metal racks that can be placed on tabletops, on walls and on other flat surfaces. You can also choose from wine storage racks that can hold anywhere from one to a dozen wines at a time.

Thus, choosing wine racks largely depends on two factors. First, the number of wines intended to be placed on the rack since it is always best to make the rack fully-stocked, just in case guests will come on a surprise visit. Second, the intended space where the home wine storage racks will be placed. Standalone wooden wine racks look good but take up a large floor space while wall-mounted wire racks has a smaller footprint. It’s your choice.

Storing the Wines

But the wine storage racks are not the be-all and end-all of storing wine the proper way. You must know where to place the racks and how to place the bottles on the racks. Here are the most common tips on this matter.

First, the racks must be kept in a cool, dark and still area of the house for many reasons. On one hand, a cool place with a temperature ranging from 50 to 60 degrees ensures that the wine retains its flavors. Anything higher or lower in temperature can cook or freeze the wine and there goes its goodness.

The area must also be free from frequent fluctuations of temperature especially toward hotter swings. Just a few degrees change is tolerable but extreme swings will, again, affect the wine’s flavors. This is a must for all types of home wine storage. On the other hand, the vibrations must be kept to a minimum. This way, the wines can be aged with least disturbance.

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